Assessing English Language Proficiency South Africa

Assessment Tests


The speaking test is an online, one-to-one interview. In the speaking test, students are asked questions based on daily life situations. They must answer in full sentences, making sure they use the correct tense and appropriate vocabulary. Fluency and pronunciation are also assessed during the test.


You are given a writing topic and you should write a certain number of words related to that topic. You should express yourself clearly, write in a style appropriate to the topic, and organise your ideas well. Grammatical range, accuracy, and spelling, are also assessed during the assessment .

Listening Comprehension:

Students will listen to a 30-minutes recording in 4 sections. The recording is designed to reflect real-life situations. Your comprehension skills are tested; you must listen for detail, understand the overall context, and the speaker's opinion.

Reading Comprehension:

You will be given four short texts to read. The ability to comprehend, skim through the text, and extract the important information in a specified time frame, are assessed. Questions relating to the text must be answered within the specified time.

A certificate, based on the CEFR level completed, will be given for each language skill component that has been assessed, with an overall attainment grade.

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